Padel now open at Cavan Tennis Club

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A new sport arrives in Cavan – Padel @ Cavan Tennis Club

What is Padel?

Padel is a unique sport that combines the best elements of tennis, racquetball, and squash while eliminating the frustrating aspects of those three sports. As a result Padel is an exciting, enjoyable, competitive, social, entertaining to watch, and fun to play sport.

Who plays Padel?

Padel can be played by everyone. People of all ages, sex, and/or physical condition play Padel. Padel is played in about 30 countries and was played in the 1995 Pan-American Games as an exhibition sport. Some notable players of Padel are soccer hero Maradona, tennis star Gabriela Sabatini, tennis idol Guillermo Villas who has numerous Padel courts in his tennis academy, as well as Cesc Fabregas, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal!

Rules of Padel

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Intro to Padel

Padel Video – 2102 World championship Final