BLITZ Doubles

How Blitz Doubles works:

  1. There are 2 WhatsApp groups set up. Blitz Doubles A/B and Blitz Doubles C. A text will be sent out informing all members that the Blitz Doubles event is coming up. Players will be told to reply before a certain time. Any new players will be added to their chosen group.

  2. The first players to reply will be included in the event. If 20 isn’t reached, events may consist of 16, 12 or 8 players. (The event will not run with less than 8 players).

  3. Each player plays 4 Rounds of doubles with a different partner per event. (3 Rounds in C Group).

  4. 7 Game format. (Play all 7 games)

  5. Each player keeps his/her score. The scores will be recorded on the night.

  6. Score carries through to next Blitz Doubles Event.

  7. All scores recorded on the Player Leader Board. Leaderboards will be posted on Whatsapp.

  8. There will be a one time charge of 5 Euro per player. This is to cover the cost of new tennis balls for the event. These balls will be used only for Blitz Doubles.