Court Bookings – FAQs

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section – please email with suggestions

Why use a booking system?
The principle of the system is to give all members a fair chance to book a court but also to encourage everyone to be able to play as much as possible. In a busy club with a large membership it gives people the certainty that the court they have booked is there for them. The system was introduced earlier this year and was being tested for Padel bookings prior to being rolled out for Tennis.
What’s the best way to use the system?

The system works on a Smart Phone, Tablet and a Computer. You will have more flexibility for late and onsite bookings if used from a phone

How do I get started using the booking system?

Firstly you must register on the system.
Please go to and click either Padel or Tennis bookings.
Then click the Sign up link.
Enter your registration details (we need up to date contact details)
This needs to be approved by a system admin to ensure only Members have access – This may take some time please be patient
You will receive a 2nd email confirming that you are now ready to use the system.

What are the different Booking Types and when should I use them?

Family – Adult plus Junior from one Family – This is to allow juniors to play so there should at least one junior on court
Junior Singles – Juniors from different Family units – Please select both parent names and one Responsible adult must supervise
Junior Doubles – Juniors from different Family units – Please select all relevant parent names and one Responsible adult must supervise
Singles – 2 Adults – Select 2 Names
Doubles – 4 Adults – Select 4 Names

Why are booking rules different for Padel and Tennis?

The 2 sports can have different quotas and time slots on the system. Tennis has 5 courts so has more booking capacity whereas Padel has 2 courts. Currently both slots are one hour but this may change in the future based on usage

What do the Quota means?

The quota controls the number of active or live booking you can have on the system at any one time but not the number of times you can play. Used wisely you can play everyday if you are available to while giving those who play less often also a chance to book a court of their choice.

What are the peak and off peak times?

Peak Times are 5pm to 9:45pm Mon-Fri
Off peak is Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:45pm and 10 pm to midnight (varies depending on the court) and all weekend.

What and when is Family Time?

Family time is from 5pm to 7:15pm weekdays. This Time is reserved for Family Members to play with their juniors. There must be a junior playing on Court with a Parent. Adults Singles or Doubles even from the same Family should not use this time for their matches

Can I play a game on another Court while supervising my Junior?

Yes – You can now book another court @ the same time as your Junior. So the Junior can be playing another junior on one court and you can book & play on another Court. This is really only an option during off-peak.
We ask all Parents supervising to remain onsite @ the Club

How many times a week can I play?

You can play every day if you like but you can only have two peak and three off peak slots booked at a time. However, once you have played you can immediately book another.

How long in advance can I book a court?

You can book up to 7 Days in advance. This on a rolling 7 Days basis. Courts become available to book 7 days (plus 1 hr) in advance e.g. @ 6pm on Monday I can book for 7pm the following Monday – this allows for booking a regular slot

Can I book two consecutive slots?

You can now book two consecutive slots so long as at least one is in off peak time. However, if the slot after the one you booked is still free within three hours of it beginning you can book this slot without it affecting your quota. This can be done even in peak time.

If I’ve booked a court in advance and no one has booked the next slot can I keep playing?

As mentioned above, if no one has booked the slot within three hours of it, you can book it without affecting your quota. Please book it to ensure that you can keep playing.

Will We get more quotas for Bookings?

Once Doubles is allowed the quotas will be reviewed again

Will the Time slots be expanded?

Again this will be reviewed shortly. But longer slots means less slots so it will depend on court usage

Play both Padel and Tennis – How do I see both bookings pages?

Once logged in you can easily switch between Padel and Tennis booking pages
On the Menu on the left click on GOTO – In this case I’m in Tennis and can switch to Padel

On a Mobile Phone – Select the symbol highlighted to see the Menu

I’m getting too many emails, how do I stop the Cancellation Notifications?

Remember knowing about cancellations is very useful for last minute booking. You can change the setting yourself. If you disable it remember to check the system regularly to see availability

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