Club Ladder Info

How to use the Ladder

The Ladder is part of the Court Booking system

  1. Join a Ladder
  2. Challenge another Player
  3. The opponent Accepts the Challenge
  4. Arrange the Game (Book a Court)
  5. Enter the Score (Games and sets all count to the points total)

Here’s how to do it…………………

Log into Court Booking System, down to Competitions, Ladders, you will see the Ladder options.

You can Challenge anyone with a Blue Email Icon – 3 Above or below you

Once the Challenge is made you can Accept(Green) and refuse(Red) the challenge

You then can arrange the Match with your Opponent and then book a court
(You can arrange the Match via the system(email) or by Text or WhatsApp. Your opponents phone number will appear when you click Organise Match)

Once the Match is played enter the Score and the ladder will be automatically updated